To: Tri-County Toy Run
My wife and I, members of the band, Bet'n Man, just happened to be near Temple, TX last Sunday (Dec. 5) when we saw your huge bike run going on. It was really impressive! After searching the web, I found out it was a toy run benefit bike run that started at the American Legion Post 133 in Temple. We got video footage of the whole procession and have made this video available on our website. I called the information number for the Tri-County Toy Run and spoke with Jeff and passed all this information to him. For anyone interested, go to there you will see two links to videos. If you were a participant, you are perfectly welcome to download and save the video.
We just wanted you to be aware of this video. We have performed for Bikers Against Child Abuse in the past and have always admired groups which sponsor charitable projects.
Oh, and if you hear of anyone needing a band for Christmas or New Year's, we're available. We had two gigs, but both parties crashed, so we have space on our calendar! 
Merry Christmas!
Bet and Wade